Drain Scoop and the Bottle Bucket

Drain Scoop and the Bottle Bucket from Drain Scoop Sales & Marketing Inc.

Company Profile
The Bottle Bucket was officially launched on November 8th at the International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show in New York at the Javits Center!

The Bottle Bucket is an elegant revolutionary ice bucket that has a built-in bottle holder. It's virtually two buckets in one! It is the sanitary add efficient way to host a party and chill your wine, champagne or spirit separate from your drink ice without the use of multiple ice buckets. The bottle-holder is 3 5/8" in diameter, which can hold a 1-liter liquor bottle as well as most wine and champagne bottles. It also preserves the label of your bottle of choice. It comes in a mirror polished aluminum finish with a clear acrylic coating to preserve it's sophisticated finish.

The Bottle Bucket is the only sanitary way to chill spirits and serve ice in the same bucket!

* Two ice buckets in one!

* Elegant design

* Sleek aluminum construction

* Features separate bottle and ice compartments

* Avoids bottle-contamination of ice for drinks

Separate bottle compartment means ice & bottle never touch!


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