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Hotel Key Cards from CLS Plasticard

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Gone are the days of giving out traditional keys to hotel guests! Technology is always moving forward full-speed ahead, and today's options are much more secure, convenient, and, quite frankly, nicer to look at! Our Hotel Key Cards modernize hotel rooms and facilities, elevating them to the current industry standard. They're quickly and easily recoded on site at the front desk, which makes them much safer than traditional keys, which could fall into the wrong hands. They allow guests to gain access to their rooms and/or specific areas of the hotel—pool, gym, office center, and more, eliminating the need to keep track of other keys. Best of all, our hotel key cards are very affordable! Better yet, you may be able to get them for free. Local businesses will often cover the cost of your hotel key cards for the privilege of advertising on them. Read all about this under our next section, "Co-Branded Cards".


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