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Company & Products Overview
ADB delivers innovative, award-winning television viewing experiences worldwide. We are the fastest growing hotel iTV provider, and the 2nd largest iTV platform in the U.S. Our cloud-based, end-to-end managed services solutions, vuTyme and vuTyme-Lite rarely requires hotel head-end equipment and features minimal in-room devices. Today, ADB is reinventing iTV to be quick to install, simple to manage and easy to customize with branded features, while our robust applications keep guests happy and engaged.
For 20+ years, ADB has been committed to offering the best and most useful interactive TV features for its customers. As the provider of 100 million at-home television set-top boxes and broadband gateway systems around the world, ADB is intimately familiar with what guests have, what they use, how they use it, and what they want. This gives ADB the technical and behavioral experience that no other supplier has when designing, developing and deploying the next generation of iTV for hotels.

Experience Hospitality’s Newest iTV Platform: vuTyme™ and vuTyme™ Lite
ADB’s newest iTV Platform, vuTyme 4.4 and vuTyme Lite (up to 40% less cost), is packed with scalable features supporting all hotel tiers, from economy to luxury. It is fully customizable and provides an in-room entertainment experience equal to or better than home. The end-to-end, managed-services iTV solution delivers live TV, VOD, PPV, concierge, digital signage and targeted advertisements PLUS it offers exciting features such as Searchable Interactive Program Guide (IPG), Over-the-Top (OTT) services access like Screencasting from BYOD, direct-to-guest messaging through the TV, local attractions map with QR Code, Pause/Rewind/Fast-Forward LIVE TV, and much more. Unlike other providers who claim to be cloud-based, vuTyme operates in the cloud, requiring no hotel head-end equipment and featuring minimal in-room devices. The only hardware on-site is a compact set-back box which is discretely mounted behind the TV.

The vuTyme Advantage
vuTyme is available via the global cloud infrastructure or cable company central office. ADB offers 24/7 monitoring to ensure reliability and delivery of service. No expensive head-end equipment means lower capital expenditures, a small footprint, and it consumes less power, making a hotel more environmentally friendly. As new services are developed, a property can upgrade quickly and remotely.