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Clairvoyix is a leading provider of hospitality specific marketing automation solutions and digital agency services. A true Internet accessed application (“Software as a Service”), our solution is preferred by both internationally recognized branded chains as well as independent hotels. The Clairvoyix Hospitality Solution (CHS) includes support for highly targeted e-mail, social media, and mobile campaigns, with ROI based on actual spend.

The Clairvoyix marketing database integrates with all significant customer touch-points such as: PMS; POS; Player Tracking Systems; spa; golf; survey; Timeshare systems; and prospect data. It can also import a simple spreadsheet of contact information. Supporting true cross-media targeted marketing allows for detailed knowledge of how a guest prefers to communicate with a property or hotel/resort/gaming organization.

The Clairvoyix agency model complements our marketing automation technology platform by providing:
• Cross-media/channel campaign strategy and deployment
• Support for hospitality, gaming, timeshare, Convention and Visitors Bureaus
• Full media specific creative: e-mail, social, direct mail, mobile, web site/landing pages
• Template approach to e-newsletters and promotional messaging
• Responsive design for mobile optimized creative – drives higher views and clicks
• Guest survey design, delivery, and automatic guest response capture

Our ability to scale up and down is important when delivering a “packaged” approach to hospitality specific database marketing systems, and we have clients with fewer than 100,000 past guests in their database to clients with well over 50 million uniquely profiled guests. This assures applicability with the largest chains down to the smallest independent hotel.

Clairvoyix trends with current social media marketing. Facebook Advertising allows our clients to promote brand awareness, property promotions, and guest loyalty with a low advertising spend. Facebook Advertising allows for immediate guest reach and produces real-time performance data. Clairvoyix partners Facebook Advertising campaigns with email deployments to layer your marketing and optimize the visibility of property communications.

Clairvoyix is redefining loyalty marketing by offering a “Passive Loyalty” solution that rewards guests who exhibit the most profitable behavior. Traditional loyalty systems place an undue (and undeserved) burden on guests to constantly monitor and administer your guest loyalty system. The Clairvoyix Passive Loyalty solution puts the burden where it should be, in the sophisticated marketing automation system that your company invested in.

Unleashing the revenue generating power represented in your marketing database, the Clairvoyix Passive Loyalty solution takes a pragmatic approach to the guest loyalty problem by analyzing your past guest data to determine which guests are exhibiting the behavior that you desire. You can apply business rules to proactively reward guests who are frequent, who are recent, and who spend not just on rooms, but in your profitable amenities such as fine dining, retail, spa, and golf.

The front desk will now know which arriving guests represent the greatest current and potential value to the property, even if this is their first time at the property and they are not a member (assuming it exits) of your loyalty program. Instant upgrades to non-loyalty members who are highly profitable to the organization will result in increased loyalty, and that will translate into future revenue that will be measured by the system. You will know the program is working because the data will prove it. Measurable ROI is possible because all guest folios are analyzed post stay.

Our commitment to quality, speed, and affordability has made Clairvoyix the choice for leading hotels and resorts for over fourteen years.